Tane Vietnam Wire Mesh Co Limited Company 

With a modern production line, along with highly qualified staff, and under the direction of experienced staff, our products are not only provided for customers. domestic demand but also towards expanding development to the international market.

Our company is proud to be a package supplier of iron and steel products in construction projects. We are particularly competitive in supplying wire mesh products (such as welded wire mesh, embossed wire mesh, knitted wire mesh and steel accessories …) due to the high quality of our products. products and reasonable prices.

The Company’s main business products are classified as follows:

Main products of the Company:
– 15 product lines: welded mesh, stamping mesh, knitted mesh, welded construction mesh, steel trough, cap cover, gabion mesh, steel nails, concrete platform, fence frame columns, gate .

– Wire mesh: Stamping steel wire mesh, welded wire mesh in sheets / coils, knitted wire mesh, sharp barbed wire, barbed wire, garden fence net, steel nails …. are strong products manufactured by the Company. , has affirmed its position in the market with superior features and advantages compared to similar products. This product is mainly used for industrial and household projects such as demarcation on national highways, partitions in factories, factories, travel platforms, railings, … both aesthetic and very durable.

With the orientation of “Improving quality + reducing product costs”, we are rushing to invest in construction and production expansion. With modern infrastructure and an advanced quality management system, we will increasingly be able to better respond to customer requirements.
With the motto “Enterprises and customers work together to develop”, we are always ready to consult, preliminary design for free for all customers. Please contact:

Phone number: (+84) 838 55 99 00 | (+84) 838 99 66
Fax: (+84) 838 55 99 00

Best regards!

Best regards!


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