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Grating sheet is made of steel sheets with a thickness of 2mm -12mm in height, depending on the customer requirements can be from 20 – 150mm and these sheets are linked together by twisted steel bars, twisted steel is made of 6 x6, 8×8, and 10×10 square steel rods twisted round to create anti-slip properties for the product or steel sheets, with low carbon steel sheets such as SS400, A36. After processing all grating floors are clean and hot-dipped galvanized to increase the corrosion resistance of the product so it can withstand chemical or electrical corrosion. stool in wet environments. Grating floors can easily be found in seafood processing plants or food processing plants or water collection ditches in factories and areas. industry even it appears in the garage … Our company accepts the production and design of grating panels and steel grating floors with sizes and designs according to the requirements of customers or investors. The growing society has led to the establishment of many grating flooring products, the competition is quite large, so in order to have a quality grating product, you should pay attention to find the type of information carefully. Suppliers to get the best products at the cheapest prices.


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