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Fence netting is a kind of assembly which is a very flexible product, widely used in highways, railways, highways, etc; Can be made permanent wall, and can be used as a temporary storage, need to use different Pillars and fixed way can be done.

Fence frame: on the support structure we tighten the metal mesh (or expanded metal mesh, barbed wire), prevent people and animals from entering highways or other restricted areas, avoid using Illegal highway facilities to keep high speed, convenience And safe service for road users.
Surface treatment method: Galvanized (galvanized coating thickness can be up to 0.5mm-0.6mm), PVC coating (PVC coating thickness can reach 1.0mm)
Application: Widely used as a protection belt on both road, highway and rail. As a fairly flexible fence, the frame fence may not only be a permanent mesh wall but also a temporary mesh bar, only according to retention mechanisms.


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