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Hotline: 0838.55.99.00

Phone: +84 838.55.99.00 | +84 838 99.66.00

Post code/ Zipcode: 700000

Address South :
89 Hoang Quoc Viet, Phu My Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.

Address Northern :

My Dong Village , No 25 Thuy Nguyen District  , Ha Noi Viet Nam.





Airfield Fence at the Airport plays an important role in the airport construction. Airport fences are used to separate the airport area from surrounding areas, ensuring flight safety and airport security.

Airport fences are designed in a modern style. Fences include: Y-shaped steel poles, wire mesh, fittings and barbed wire or barbs

Steel columns 76×76, 90×90; round steel columns D76, D90; The steel column is Y-shaped (or Y shape post), a V-shape is welded on the main body, the net is caught on the V-body and spread barbed wire on it.
B40 wire mesh, wire diameter 2.0-4.8 mm, mesh 40 * 40, 50 * 50,60 * 60 …; plastic wrap or hot dip galvanized;
welded wire mesh, wire diameter D4-6; SS400 cascbon steel wire mesh of 50×150, 50×200 mesh; electrolytic galvanized products with powder coating, plastic wrap or hot dip galvanized; ensure to withstand the corrosion of the environment
Clip-on smart accessories, clip toads, smart-links ears, …
Barbed wire, hot-dipped galvanized barbed wire
Advantages of airport fence according to new design:

The height of airport fences is higher than ordinary mesh fences to ensure resistance to climbing
High side
The product is highly resistant to harsh environments
Modern design products convenient for construction and installation
Diverse product colors


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