Whole Body Disinfection Chamber



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Whole Body Disinfection Chamber
High-class sterilization chamber. Mist spray – heat drying. Maximum sterilization effect.

Product Features

1.Automatically detect when someone enters to perform a disinfection cycle.
2.Through two sterilization cycles ensure 99.99% within 30 seconds.
3.The sterilization chamber has an integrated air filtration system, UV sterilization and hot air drying to create an environment for maximum bacteria destruction.
4.Sealed chamber, with air circulation system through filtration and sterilization steps before returning to a new cycle.
5.There is an option to add an ozone blower to increase the maximum disinfection efficiency.
5.Can be used with a variety of disinfectant solutions recommended by the Ministry of Health and WHO.
7.Industry standard guarantees durability and stability.
8.220V power source has anti-shock aptomat, closed electrical systems ensure absolute electrical safety.
9.The material inside the chamber is made of SUS304 according to the medical grade material that can work with outdoor conditions.
10.Mobile, flexible to adapt to most space needs of factories, canteens, hotels, hospitals, etc.1.


Model :CDC-20E

Engine capacity : 12 (Kw)

Voltage : 220V/AC- 50/60Hz

Size : 135 0 (L) x 1000 (W) x 2250 (H)

Weight : 600 (Kg)

Material : SS400

Disinfection time : Setting

Solution used

Various chemicals

Dewdrop fineness hạt :5 μ m

Container capacity :10 liters

Mist capacity : 15.5 ml/time

UV sterilization : 6 Leds x 18 W

Control screen : HMI

Disinfection temperature : 37- 40 °C

HEPA filter : 99.99% of bacteria, dust fineness of 0.3 μ m


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